Goodbye Susan

June 26, 2015

When you purchase chickens from your local farm store, you run the risk of possibly getting some male chickens even if they're "sexed" from the hatchery. This past spring we purchased 8 chicks with hopes of acquiring 8 laying hens. As my luck would have it, 2 of those hens turned out to be roosters.

Karen and Susan made it clear early on that they were not like the other hens. They were sassy, moody, not to be messed with! I spent a lot of time thinking that Karen was trying to be the mother hen, and that Susan was hoping for second in line. Little did I know they they were acting so differently because they weren't hens at all!

Karen, now Kevin, made his status known first; with an early morning crow that threw me for a loop. Susan, a boy named Sue, remained quiet and distant from the flock. After much research I realized that I couldn't keep both of my roos and one would have to go.

Thank you Craigslist! Someone with lots of hens and no rooster just picked Sue up to take him to his new flock of ladies. I'm so glad I was able to find a home for him, but I'll miss Sue and his weird standing ways.

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