Hiking - Looking Down - Kelsey - Felice Fotographic

I have weak ankles...there, I admit it! 

Spending the last 30+ years of my life with weak ankles has spawned a habit of looking down when I walk through unfamiliar terrain. I'm afraid I'll roll my fragile ankle down an invisible hill and end up injured...so I watch where I'm walking, intensely!  

My husband and daughter recently went with me to scout spots for Jonathan and Katie's engagement photos, and upon seeing the beautiful scenery, we declared we would go hiking as soon as our schedules allowed...so about 2 months later we could be found wondering around the woods; me looking down, Justin looking ahead, and Etta looking for bugs.

Part of the joy of looking down means that I regularly find interesting things on the ground. Here are a few shots of some interesting sights I found, while looking down. 

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