Longstanding Subject - Kelsey - Felice Fotographic

Longstanding Subject

I picked up my first camera in high school. It was a Canon AE-1 that my Grandpa gave me, and still have today. When I started taking photography classes in high school my subject matter was usually just photos from adolescent travels around the neighborhood.

Once I got my driver’s license Frederick County opened up a little bit more. I started traveling to abandoned houses and fields (hi mom!), setting up scenes that looked like they didn’t belong, asking willing participants to let me paint their faces and photograph them in public on a busy downtown street...

Throughout this entire phase of my life, and now 13 years later, I’ve used a consistent subject in a lot of my photos, my BFF Kedre. She’s gorgeous, doesn’t mind having her photo taken, being covered in chocolate syrup and hay, or asked to wear a prom dress into the woods.

I edited a recent photo of her and it made me realize how many photos I actually have of Kedre, and how much she's been a part of my photography journey.

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